The Time a Gang of Turkeys Plotted to Kill Me & a Duh Craft

I am not the healthiest person, so I am trying to take regular walks and possibly jogs to break up my work from home/online class routine. Constant sitting makes for a bad back and a jumbled mind!


I was on my walk around our neighborhood, listening to my tunes and enjoying the sunshine when I came across a group of turkeys. Now, birds don’t usually scare me but there was something about these turkeys. Their shifty eyes and shank beaks were unsettling. I always thought turkeys were skittish, so I kept walking thinking they would scatter as I got closer to them on the road.


They started walking towards me like we were in the middle of a community theater production of West Side Story. Then they started to trot. I decided to run across the street and out of the line of turkey fire and they watched me as I jogged past. I’m pretty sure I can’t walk on that road anymore.

What turkeys really look like:


How I pictured them:


The rest of the walk was uneventful but that was enough excitement for me.

Once I got home I needed to shake off the turkey jeebies, so I decided to try out a pretty simple craft. I mean this is something ANYONE can do. The end result wasn’t quite what I had pictured, but it wasn’t really a craft fail.  It’s incredibly easy, or what I like to call a “duh” craft.

1. Find wallet in bag after having a small heart attack.


2. Pick up a floral wreath form, wire cutters and some silk flowers. I was feeling springy and went for pink. Make sure to get enough to cover whatever form you get.  I did not do this.


3.  Cut flowers leaving a 2 inch stem or smaller if your form is thinner than mine. You can leave the greenery on if you want but I chose not to.


4. Shove those puppies into the foam. Also remove cat from table.


5. Realize that you did not buy enough flowers. The sides were still green from the foam and if I want to hang it on the wall, I want the sides covered too. Still looks great to me, but I need MOAR.


6. I added flowers I had leftover from our wedding centerpieces. I don’t know if the colors go well, but it allows me to make believe that the snow has melted and birds weren’t trying to kill me.



Eh, it works. I’ll keep it!

Anyway, this is long enough for now!

Have a good one,



I know the best ways to cheer up my husband.


Turkey photos courtesy of and Tom French of  


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