Just A Little Something

“Why in the hell do we need another craft/diy blog?”

I’m sure that’s what most people will say when they come across this page. I don’t really have an answer other than I hope to bring a different perspective to the world of crafts and do it yourself projects.  I’m really good at some things but horrible at others and I plan on chronicling even the most horrendous, if not hilarious, attempts. 

In addition to the general feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing a project, I use crafting as a form of therapy as I start my recovery from bulimia. My eating disorder has run my life long enough and when I pick up a ball of yarn and knitting needles or a tin of buttons, my head clears and even for a brief second I feel good about myself. Hopefully I can try and help others living with ED to try something like knitting or sewing. It could end up being a helpful part of their recovery like it has been with mine!

I run an Etsy shop called Mitts Knits while I go to school full time. Here’s a link to my shop. I mostly make jewelry, even though my shop name has “knits” in it. Ha! However, I will soon be listing some spring and summer knits! 

Anyway, this has been a heavy enough first post for now. 

Have a good one!



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